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Cyber Liability Insurance

As technology becomes increasingly important for successful business operations, the value of a strong Cyber Liability Insurance policy will only continue to grow.

The continued rise in the amount of information stored and transferred electronically has resulted in a remarkable increase in the potential exposures facing businesses. Regulations, such as the Data Protection Act must also be considered, because a loss of sensitive personal information may subject you to fines and sanctions from the Information Commissioner.

In an age where a stolen laptop or hacked account can instantly compromise the personal data of thousands of customers or an ill-advised post on a social media site can be read by hundreds in a matter of minutes, protecting yourself from cyber liabilities is just as important as some of the more traditional exposures businesses account for in their general commercial liability policies.


New risks are emerging all the time becoming widespread in the US and Europe. In response to growing demand Wrightsure have identified specialist covers and policies for SMEs.

  • Data Breach Cover
  • Malicious Erasure
  • Compromising Confidentiality
  • Loss or Damage to Stored Data
  • Damaging Third Party Computers or Information
  • Theft of Data

In addition can provide specialist advice in relation to:-

  • Identifying emerging risks
  • How to value your data and intellectual property risks
  • Impact assessment & risk management strategies

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