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Claims and Risk Management

To meet the continuing needs of our clients, Wrightsure have maintained a highly motivated claims team in each of our offices. We recognise this as a valued service to all our clients and it has been a high priority for the Group in understanding our customers’ needs and wants for many years.

As the majority of our claims staff have worked previously for Insurers, this knowledge of the insurer market does mean that there is a greater understanding of the workings involved, which the staff are capable of meeting to the highest standards and can also provide a bespoke service when required.

In short, Wrightsure can and do provide a unique service, which is complemented by our additional Risk Management Operation.

A free risk management programme is offered providing advice on claims management to help you control your costs and reduce the chances of having to make a claim.

Claim audits can be carried out regularly during the year in order to monitor accident trends including but not limited to:-

  • By driver
  • By accident type
  • By bus route / type of work
  • By depot

We can include advice on:-

  • Reporting and investigation techniques
  • Management style
  • Training practices
  • In vehicle technology such as telematics and CCTV
  • Driver Licence checking services

We can conduct driver seminars promoting insurance cost awareness and defensive driving

We can access courses/providers to include, but not limited to:-

  • In vehicle driver training
  • On line driver assessment and training
  • Train the trainer
  • Banksman training
  • Health & Safety consultancy

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